Leaders & Vision

Leaders & Vision

Furthering the Legacy: Our Leadership Team and Standards

Engineered for the Future

Based squarely on the vision and tenets created by Mr. Kaufman more than 50 years ago, Burns & Wilcox has remained committed to the future by blazing new trails fueled by our unwavering desire to introduce new thinking, expertise and innovation to the marketplace.

Many of our partnerships with our clients go back decades. These partnerships form the foundation of our daily operations. As we look to the future, we remain committed to offering the expertise and single-minded pursuit of excellence in the products and services that will take us and our clients to tomorrow.

The company’s financial freedom and commitment to the wholesale insurance business has Burns & Wilcox well positioned for enduring success that will continue through the next generation of Kaufman family leadership and beyond.

The Burns & Wilcox UK Leadership Team

The Burns & Wilcox Global Leadership Team